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Lezen is vrij.
Wil je meedoen, wordt dan lid door je te registreren.
Je ontvangt dan een activerings mail.
Je bent volledig lid, als je je lidmaatschap hebt geactiveerd en kunt schrijven als je ingelogd bent.

Gedachtenwisseling over alles wat verwondert.

    Wallace online


    Wallace online

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    Wallace Online is the first complete edition of the writings of naturalist and co-founder of the theory of evolution Alfred Russel Wallace. Including a comprehensive compilation of his specimens - much of it never before seen. The project is directed by John van Wyhe, assisted by Kees Rookmaaker, at the National University of Singapore, in collaboration with the Wallace Page by Charles H. Smith.
    Wallace in Singapore
    About the project

    Quick links: Wallace's books, book chapters, articles
    , Sarawak law, Darwin-Wallace paper, Malay Archipelago, Darwinism, My Life, Letters and reminiscences.
    To search Wallace's complete works (and not other authors) click Advanced Search.
    Media coverage of the launch of Wallace Online here.

    John van Wyhe, ed. 2012-. Wallace Online (

    THOMAS EVANGELIE: Wie het Al kent, maar niet zichzelf weet niets.
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