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Lezen is vrij.
Wil je meedoen, wordt dan lid door je te registreren.
Je ontvangt dan een activerings mail.
Je bent volledig lid, als je je lidmaatschap hebt geactiveerd en kunt schrijven als je ingelogd bent.

Gedachtenwisseling over alles wat verwondert.

    World Press Freedom Day


    World Press Freedom Day

    Bericht  Caspar op 04.05.15 15:41

    Thirty-Four Journalists Killed in last 12 months in Iraq

    US Embassy in Baghdad urges journalist protection on World’s Press Freedom Day

    The United States Embassy in Baghdad has marked World Press Freedom Day, an annual occasion
    to recognise and honour the essential role a free press plays in democracies to ensure access to
    news that informs citizens.

    According to a US embassy statement, World Press Freedom Day is also an opportunity to reflect
    on and pay tribute to journalists who have been intimidated, assaulted, or lost their lives.

    Its says the US Embassy takes careful note of the Iraqi Journalistic Freedom Observatory’s
    announcement that since May 3rd 2014, 34 journalists have reportedly been killed or wounded
    while carrying out their duties in Iraq, and 27 others kidnapped.

    The Statement quotes President Obama, who said, “Sunday is World Press Freedom Day, a day in
    which we reaffirm the vital role that a free press plays in democracy and in shining a light on the
    many challenges, cruelties, and also hopeful stories that exist in countries all around the world.

    “Journalists give all of us, as citizens, the chance to know the truth about our countries, ourselves,
    our governments. That makes us better. It makes us stronger. It gives voice to the voiceless,
    exposes injustice, and holds leaders like me accountable.”

    In the last decade Iraq has become one of the bloodiest countries around the world for journalists
    and the press.

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