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Lezen is vrij.
Wil je meedoen, wordt dan lid door je te registreren.
Je ontvangt dan een activerings mail.
Je bent volledig lid, als je je lidmaatschap hebt geactiveerd en kunt schrijven als je ingelogd bent.

Gedachtenwisseling over alles wat verwondert.

    Life of Pi


    Life of Pi

    Bericht  Caspar op 26.12.12 22:30

    Life Of Pi - Latest International Trailer

    Life of Pi Trailer plus Two Clips and Inside Look

    Gepubliceerd op 30 okt 2012

    Opens November 21, 2012. This video includes a special "behind the scenes" inside look of
    the movie and includes interviews but begins with the official trailer for "Life of Pi" plus two clips.

    Film Synopsis: based on novel of the same name by Yann Martel, tells the story of Pi, the only person to survive a freighter
    sunk at sea. The 16-year-old boy discovers his lifeboat, however, has wild animals on board, including a Bengal tiger.

    Life of Pi by Ang Lee and stars Suraj Sharma as "Pi", Gerard Depardieu as The Chef
    and Irrfan Khan (of Slumdog Millionaire fame) as the narrator.

    Suraj Sharma said of Ang Lee's method of direction that prior to a scene, Lee would "weave in all these emotions
    inside of my head so I never had to act like I was feeling something he was already making me feel it." Followed by a
    behind the scenes segment of Ang Lee and Suraj Sharma, on set, embracing in tears.

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