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Wil je meedoen, wordt dan lid door je te registreren.
Je ontvangt dan een activerings mail.
Je bent volledig lid, als je je lidmaatschap hebt geactiveerd en kunt schrijven als je ingelogd bent.

Gedachtenwisseling over alles wat verwondert.

    Skateboarding Journey


    Skateboarding Journey

    Bericht  Caspar op 16.10.12 21:47

    A Surreal Skateboarding Journey Through China's Infamous Ghost Town

    By Alessandra Ram --- Oct 15 2012, 4:36 PM ET

    In this video, director Charles Lanceplaine follows a group of skaters looking to try their tricks in a new and different
    environment -- only to discover a glittering, modern city devoid of human occupants.
    Originally built to house one million residents, the city of Ordos in northern China is now almost completely deserted.
    Despite China’s much-lauded building boom, soaring property prices have kept occupants at bay. Ordos is now the
    largest ghost town in China -- thought to be a stark example of China’s impending real estate bubble.

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